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Cloud computing

Purpose: To guide all barristers on security issues relating to cloud computing
Scope of application: All practising barristers
Issued by: The Information Technology Panel
First reviewed: 01/01/2017
Last reviewed: 01/06/2023
Status and effect: Please see the notice at end of this document. This is not "guidance" for the purposes of the BSB Handbook I6.4.

Customer data is a high value commodity for anyone intending to commit fraud: the range of information held by most barristers will include key data that would make it much easier for someone to commit financial crime. Data protection is mostly a matter of common sense, but it is also a legal and regulatory requirement.

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Important Notice

This document has been prepared by the Bar Council to assist barristers on matters of information security. It is not “guidance” for the purposes of the BSB Handbook I6.4, and neither the BSB nor bodies regulating information security nor the Legal Ombudsman is bound by any views or advice expressed in it. It does not comprise – and cannot be relied on as giving – legal advice. It has been prepared in good faith, but neither the Bar Council nor any of the individuals responsible for or involved in its preparation accept any responsibility or liability for anything done in reliance on it. For fuller information as to the status and effect of this document, please see here.

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